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The world is becoming more interconnected and organizations that want to succeed in this new environment need to become more connected as well.

How can we work together better? How can we pool our knowledge to improve results? How can we make processes more efficient, while delivering personal service when it matters most? How can we manage the flood of information that’s overflowing our inboxes, our mobile phones and our lives?

How can we manage all of these relationships?

The key to successful relationship building is consistency. Constantly show sincere interest in other people and devote time to following up and getting to know them better. Consistency builds credibility – credibility builds trust – and trust builds business.

Relationship Management

Research has shown that even in fields such as engineering, architecture, IT, law and finance, only about 15% of ones financial success is due to technical knowledge while 85% is due to skill in human engineering. Good relationships are built on trust, credibility, personality and likeability. So it’s natural that customers want to learn as much as they can about your company and the people that stand behind it.

Developing Prospects

This is all about finding people who need your services – and developing a pipeline that an organization can consistently use as a marketing tool. It’s also about helping prospects find you and there are many ways to accomplish this task. Once you have found people who need your services, it’s time to start the relationship building process.

Building Relationships

Your objective in building relationships include developing trust and credibility, qualifying the needs of your prospects and finding the right fit. Remember people don’t hire firms – they hire professionals, so perhaps the most important reason for building relationships is to find the personal fit. This all comes down to demonstrating you understand your client and their market, and that you care enough about your client and their business to take action.

Discovering Opportunities

When is it the right time to ask for business? The answer is quite simple – when your prospect has clearly identified a need or issue and you know your services provide a solution. The goal is to get to the stage where you have agreement on desired outcomes. This may include helping potential clients clarify their own needs and thus begin the process of establishing a relationship and identifying opportunity.

Offering Solutions

This is sometimes the most painful stage of business development process. However, if done correctly it can become extremely rewarding. In reality, it is simply a matter of offering your services to solve or fill a need. Because of the time and effort that you have invested up to this point; in getting to know them and getting the facts right, your lead will be very interested in learning how you can help them. And that is just how you approach it. You ask them if “they would be interested in learning how you can help them?” In most cases, they will say yes, and then it’s just a matter of how you propose to help them – with a proposal document or an in-person offer meeting.

Tips to Building Better Relationships

Ask the Right Questions. This is the best way to start a conversation, but you have to be sure to ask meaningful and relevant questions.
Become a Better Listener. It’s pointless to ask the right questions if you’re not listening to what’s being said. Not only do you have to be aware of what’s being said, but you have to sharpen your skills so that you can identify what’s not being said, as well.

Master the Follow-Up. Surprise them all together by not sending an email and give them a phone call. Be personable, memorable, and helpful – and it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of humor to the mix.
How Does Managed Media Help Build Relationships For Your Business?

What does this mean for your business?

Social media is like word of mouth advertising on-line, and every business manager will tell you the most valuable form of advertising is word of mouth advertising.

We are designed to be an extension of your business – your social media consultant! We are your part-time employee sitting in your “remote office” managing all of your social media. You are the boss, and we work for you!

Before we start any work, we listen – to you. We learn your business & we create a strategic analysis of your industry & your customer. This insight provides valuable information throughout the social media life-cycle.

Next we create a customized communication plan tailored to your business so we can tell your story to the millions of potential customers listening in the world of social media.

Now after all that – after we’ve built the foundation, we deploy the technology. Now that we know who your customers are and what they want to hear, we put your message on-line in the world of social media.

We hit multiple targets…

from multiple touch points…

with multiple messages…

at multiple intervals

We create an on-line presence that drives real growth. Check out our website @ and see how we can help you grow your business.